Slap.  I was losing count.  I wished there was someone else here so that I could share the burden.  The rains bring plagues and, apart from the mice, mosquitoes were in the ascendancy.  Slap, another bloody spot, it was time to move again. Just where I should go I wasn’t quite sure.  I’d been tippedContinue reading “WHEN WANDER BECOMES WONDER”


When people get lost they go in circles; it’s a fact.  You’ve only got to go 100 metres without being sure where you are when you start to turn.  I read a story of a hiker in the Appalachians who’d perished.  Her husband had notified authorities when she failed to turn up, but they neverContinue reading “POOL OF THE GODS”


I can still conjure up, without any effort, my mother expressing the view that she’d like to retire in Bundanoon.  She’d extol its virtues and beauty but it was never going to happen.  Even I knew that growing up.  We never even went to Bundanoon as a family, but the name echoed in my brainContinue reading “THE IMPORTANCE OF BUNDANOON”