I’d done nothing much in the morning, couldn’t think what to do with the afternoon.  Then it clicked, there’s street art you haven’t seen yet.  Previously, I’d stumbled across them while house sitting at Eveleigh.  Hundreds even.  This time I decided to look them up first. That’s when I found Scott Marsh.  Well, actually, I’dContinue reading ”  THE SEARCH FOR THE BIN CHICKENS”

                   THE GALLERY

Art IS civilization.  It’s a measure of how advanced or not society has become.  Thus, when I see a new gallery opening up I should be pleased.  I’m not. Not all the art at Circular Quay is bad How many millions were spent on the new North Wing of the N.S.W. Art Gallery and howContinue reading ”                   THE GALLERY”


Once you’ve fallen in love with the ocean, there’s no chance of divorce, or separation even.  The magnetic attraction remains, fluctuating in its intensity maybe, but constantly present. With the news that a significant swell was running, stood up by offshore breezes, I had to go and have a look.  Kiama, after all, is famousContinue reading “I MUST GO DOWN TO THE SEA AGAIN….AND AGAIN”


It had been years, okay, decades, since I last visited the lake.  It had been created around the early 1900’s to supply water to what we now know as Sponars, nee Hotel Kosciusko, but even that amount of water couldn’t stop the original hotel from burning down in 1951 due to a fire emanating fromContinue reading “SOMEWHERE THERE’S ALWAYS A RAINBOW”


                                          I was huffing, lots of huffing, not to mention puffing.  The climb was seriously steep and, after scaling the first three steep sections with my mountain bike, I’d stopped to catch my breath at the top of each gradient.  Now I was stopping halfway up for a breather.  At least there were some colourfulContinue reading ”  4 SWAMPS AND 31 STOPS”

                   RUNNING HOT

I stood at the door; disheveled, sweaty, bloodied arm and covered in cobweb remnants.  I pondered what they may think of me because I was about to look after their house for two weeks and it was the first time they’d ever seen me. I hadn’t meant to arrive like this, it just happened.  Well,Continue reading ”                   RUNNING HOT”


It’s fair to suggest that, other than those who live nearby, few would have heard of a park in Sydney called Oatley.  It’s one of many areas of interest that abound in the city that tourists overlook.  Personally, I’m glad, because it’s busy enough as it is!  Still, during the week it’s not crowded andContinue reading “A PARK CALLED OATLEY”


                                                       Yes, I realise it wasn’t lost, but people living just a few blocks away are unaware of its existence, so, perhaps a more accurate description would be “overlooked”.  It’s maybe a reflection of the inner suburbs of Sydney that people seemingly aren’t that interested in either the historic architecture or the large bodyContinue reading ” WATKIN STREET, WHO KNEW?”


I know a man called Maurice.  He is very French, even if you didn’t know, his thick accent is a giveaway.  His speech is also rapid; he tells stories.  You could learn more in his bike shop than watching the news for a whole week and it would be a lot more colourful.  However, theyContinue reading “CONTRAST”


I’d corresponded with someone on the internet about the Burr Trail.  He said to make an effort to do it.  So, as I sat in the hotel room in Torrey, knowing I’d already gone past the turnoff yesterday, a decision was made to go back.  The skies were still overcast, blue skies notably in absentiaContinue reading “THE OH SHIT BYWAY”