As I parted with my $25, the lady was clearly smiling.  Then again, she hadn’t stopped since she first spoke.  I’d arrived at the Watch House, an original sandstone gem somewhere down Darling Street, on a rare day when it’s open.  I was purchasing a book on Streets, Lanes and Places because I felt aContinue reading “BALMAIN BUGGED”


I stood surprised.  Here was a painting by Arthur Streeton.  How it had managed to stay on display in the Chau Chak Museum (more in another article) mystified me because, not that far away at the Streeton Exhibition at the N.S.W. Art Gallery, they had clearly sourced far and wide.  This one had escaped theirContinue reading “STREETS AHEAD”


When people get lost they go in circles; it’s a fact.  You’ve only got to go 100 metres without being sure where you are when you start to turn.  I read a story of a hiker in the Appalachians who’d perished.  Her husband had notified authorities when she failed to turn up, but they neverContinue reading “POOL OF THE GODS”


it was strange was immediately obvious.  A fallen and malleable Greek Corinthian style pillar; who knows, it might have once graced the Parthenon but – just when you least expect it – it moves! Snake like, it seems to follow you, about to pounce but, fear not!  Its title is “Hello”.  As Friedrich Nietzsche onceContinue reading “KNOW MY NAME”


Leura has a reputation.  Food, food and more food.  One salivates just thinking about it.  The streets are awash with culinary delights and tourists flock there in significant numbers.  However, Leura has opposition.  An almost nondescript hamlet much closer to Sydney is thriving on the same format. Glenbrook is on a roll, yet it’s notContinue reading “THE GLENBROOK EXPERIENCE”


                                           In 2019, the Canberra Region Tourist Attractions award went to a bunch of trees.  Think about that; in Australia’s centre of government and public service, green came out a winner. Yet the whole project came from something awful – bushfires.  In 2003, what was then mostly pine plantation was hit, along with manyContinue reading “THE ARBORETUM IS A WINNER”


There are buildings in Australia that are inspirational.    Obviously, the Sydney Opera House, MONA Gallery in Hobart, the post office in Perth, Melbourne’s historic district and a raft of others but, I would boldly suggest, none of them will retain your interest longer than the adventurous and highly imaginative National Museum of Australia in Canberra. Continue reading “THE SOON-TO-BE ICON”


Clearly, Terrace Falls aren’t meant to be found.  I checked my guide book.  Lots of times.  I followed my GPS.  Clearly it really didn’t have a clue.  There’s supposed to be a carpark but where in Hades it was located was a mystery to us all.  The only thing I came across was a deadContinue reading “VICTOR-Y IN SIGHT”


Beyond apprehensiveness, where I was going was scary.  Well, the place where I wanted to photograph from was, so, when I drove past 9, count them n-i-n-e, police and rescue vehicles with flashing lights I could be excused for taking it as an omen.  Still, it was a few kilometres from where I was aimingContinue reading “SOME DAYS ARE DIAMOND’S”


It’s so refreshing for the mind though, having to find ways where there are none, noting every footfall, testing each fallen branch because some are wont to crumble and feeling the natural softness of a bed of fallen leaves.