Slap.  I was losing count.  I wished there was someone else here so that I could share the burden.  The rains bring plagues and, apart from the mice, mosquitoes were in the ascendancy.  Slap, another bloody spot, it was time to move again. Just where I should go I wasn’t quite sure.  I’d been tippedContinue reading “WHEN WANDER BECOMES WONDER”


When people get lost they go in circles; it’s a fact.  You’ve only got to go 100 metres without being sure where you are when you start to turn.  I read a story of a hiker in the Appalachians who’d perished.  Her husband had notified authorities when she failed to turn up, but they neverContinue reading “POOL OF THE GODS”


                                                  It was a lot of driving again.  After five hours that turned into six the day before, I wasn’t really looking forward to another five behind the wheel in Arizona.  I’d left reasonably early and was in cruise mode when a varied rocky outcrop caught my photographic eye and bade me pull up.  TheContinue reading “AT THE COAL FACE”