Art IS civilization.  It’s a measure of how advanced or not society has become.  Thus, when I see a new gallery opening up I should be pleased.  I’m not. Not all the art at Circular Quay is bad How many millions were spent on the new North Wing of the N.S.W. Art Gallery and howContinue reading ”                   THE GALLERY”


I could hardly forget.  I’d sat there on the step of the motorhome shaking my head from side to side and started picking.  In the end there were 23.  I counted them to keep myself amused, but there’s little amusement in leeches.  Rubbery figures sucking your blood and leaving an anaesthetized hole for the bloodContinue reading ”                BOORGANNA REVISITED”


He was behind the counter at the auto electricians.  I was glad he was serving me because his female partner was hobbling around with a pronounced limp.  I told him all I wanted was a replacement globe for the motorhome’s tail light.  I’ll meet him out there at the motorhome I said. Imagine my surpriseContinue reading “THE LEG AND THE POET “


I’d picked up some lunch from Bakers Delight.  A cold pizza and an almond scroll to be precise.  Now, while the westerly invaded every space, a rocky perch was found with a modicum of protection and I sat down to savour the sea; to become immersed in its rhythms, to see foam lurching above theContinue reading “LIFE ON THE ROCKS”


I stood surprised.  Here was a painting by Arthur Streeton.  How it had managed to stay on display in the Chau Chak Museum (more in another article) mystified me because, not that far away at the Streeton Exhibition at the N.S.W. Art Gallery, they had clearly sourced far and wide.  This one had escaped theirContinue reading “STREETS AHEAD”


                                           In 2019, the Canberra Region Tourist Attractions award went to a bunch of trees.  Think about that; in Australia’s centre of government and public service, green came out a winner. Yet the whole project came from something awful – bushfires.  In 2003, what was then mostly pine plantation was hit, along with manyContinue reading “THE ARBORETUM IS A WINNER”


Clearly, Terrace Falls aren’t meant to be found.  I checked my guide book.  Lots of times.  I followed my GPS.  Clearly it really didn’t have a clue.  There’s supposed to be a carpark but where in Hades it was located was a mystery to us all.  The only thing I came across was a deadContinue reading “VICTOR-Y IN SIGHT”


12, 13.  I don’t know why we count….actually, yes I do.  It’s because you want to tell people afterwards; boast a little (14, 15) and get some brownie points for being so silly in the first place (16).  Yet there’s nothing glamorous about it, the rise and fall and the probing nature is, in someContinue reading “THE DAY THAT SUCKED”


I was born and raised in Teralba, a suburb that still seems apart from the rest of Newcastle.  21 years passed, during which time I would frequently visit my grandmother on my father’s side.  I still recall trips to Newcastle, a big occasion for a young lad, on the 363 bus from Speers Point.  GranContinue reading “ON FLANDERS FIELDS”