Art IS civilization.  It’s a measure of how advanced or not society has become.  Thus, when I see a new gallery opening up I should be pleased.  I’m not. Not all the art at Circular Quay is bad How many millions were spent on the new North Wing of the N.S.W. Art Gallery and howContinue reading ”                   THE GALLERY”


                                                       Yes, I realise it wasn’t lost, but people living just a few blocks away are unaware of its existence, so, perhaps a more accurate description would be “overlooked”.  It’s maybe a reflection of the inner suburbs of Sydney that people seemingly aren’t that interested in either the historic architecture or the large bodyContinue reading ” WATKIN STREET, WHO KNEW?”


Chartres was the goal, the “jewel in the crown of Gothic architecture”.  We’d left Charles du Gaulle airport in record time, heading south in a rented Opel that smelt like a 50’s pub in Oz.  It absolutely reeked of cigarette and, had it been easy to turn around and go back, we would have returnedContinue reading “NOT ALL CATHEDRALS ARE CREATED EQUAL”


As I parted with my $25, the lady was clearly smiling.  Then again, she hadn’t stopped since she first spoke.  I’d arrived at the Watch House, an original sandstone gem somewhere down Darling Street, on a rare day when it’s open.  I was purchasing a book on Streets, Lanes and Places because I felt aContinue reading “BALMAIN BUGGED”