There are buildings in Australia that are inspirational.    Obviously, the Sydney Opera House, MONA Gallery in Hobart, the post office in Perth, Melbourne’s historic district and a raft of others but, I would boldly suggest, none of them will retain your interest longer than the adventurous and highly imaginative National Museum of Australia in Canberra. Continue reading “THE SOON-TO-BE ICON”


I’d gone at an earlier time to do the great tram ride.  Having learnt the day before that the queue can be blocks long I made an effort to avoid them in order to ride this archaic and uncomfortable method of public transport that was mooted for destruction in 1947 until an ultimately partially-successful “SaveContinue reading “ATTAINING NOB HILL”


It seems to me a little sad.  In the cities it’s all about the latest American rapper or no-talent people on “reality” shows.  Australian names from the past are largely lost, forgotten and generally neglected.  The work of once literary giants like “Banjo” Paterson have escaped notice.  His accurate descriptions and portrayals of times pastContinue reading “A MAN AT IRONBARK”