I’d read good reports about it but hadn’t really done a lot of research.  I’d copied out details of what to see and I moved out as soon as I had the car rental keys in my hand.  The road north from Las Vegas is straight and, when you turn off after just over 50Continue reading ”                FIRE IN THE EYES”


I remember saying several times before we left, “We’re going to Cinque Torri”.  Invariably, the reply would be, “Oh, Cinque Terre, that’s nice, we’ve been there.”  It’s perhaps a reflection on how tourism works.  Some place gets a name, the busloads start coming and, presto, everybody has either been or is going to go there.Continue reading “UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL”


                                  If you’re a hiker and you live in America, you can’t really call yourself a hiker until you’ve done Angels Landing.  It’s an icon in one of the world’s great national parks.  Over a decade ago I gazed up and saw ants crawling around the top.  Only, of course, they were people.  I wantedContinue reading “RITE OF PASSAGE”