12, 13.  I don’t know why we count….actually, yes I do.  It’s because you want to tell people afterwards; boast a little (14, 15) and get some brownie points for being so silly in the first place (16).  Yet there’s nothing glamorous about it, the rise and fall and the probing nature is, in someContinue reading “THE DAY THAT SUCKED”


To be honest, my brain was in a bit of a fog.  For over five weeks we’d seen a plethora of wonders, so much of which was breathtaking, that my mind had ground to a halt. Aware that I had to do something, anything, I concluded that I had to go across the bridge, theContinue reading “PLEASURE WITH LYNN”


There was no-one.  In fact, the previous time I’d camped overnight and left early, the golden hour in fact.  The light was exquisite, the temperature cool, the trail enticing and I was alone; but that was decades ago. The ragged rock faces, weathered over millennia, seemed not to have changed as I got into myContinue reading “IT ROCKS”